Welcome to my site. . .

It's hard to believe that my 11th winter here in Naples is over (4/29/14), time flies in pursuit of  passion!  
(My mother always said, "The older you get, the faster time goes."  She sure had that right!)  If you find
yourself in SW Florida and have the time to drop in for one of my performances, I'd love to meet you
there.  Just check my calendar page for locations and times.

It was nice this year seeing some the "old Silver Spoon" crew at the Chapel Grill, after the untimely
demise of the Spoon last  March 23rd!  A big THANKS to those who sought me out!  My sincere
gratitude still goes out to all the great staff at the Spoon!
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The development & publishing of this site has been, (another of my projects that's been!), a LONG time
coming.  I've long been a "do-it-yourself-er", and while the learning curve can set you back, the LEARNING
is richer still!  Hope you enjoy your little journey here, and the photography that my friends, family, and I
have contributed to the site.
I'm so grateful to those who have shown their support for my artistic endeavors, whether a smile at the
"gig", or taking the time to further express how much they've enjoyed the music.  Your expression
becomes a part of my endeavor, and I thank you.                                       
Photo: St. Ignace, MI-K.West