Original Music
Here you'll find the CDs of my own material that I've released to date.  Each CD has it's own page which
follows this one.  If you would like to order any of these CDs from me directly.  Send a check or money order
for $15ea.+s&h (per order, not per CD), of $3.  (Personal checks must clear before shipping),
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On the "demo page" you'll find samples of some cover tunes, (not available for sale).
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Shelter in the country, first released in 1990.  Still some of
my favorites on this one.

Lady Wind                                                 Caged Bird
The Living Proof                                      Walkin' in Your Own Shadow
When You've Found a Friend               Freedom Ain't Free
    (slow version)                             The Back of Your Hand
Troubadour                                               Shelter in the Country
The Things I Don't Say

Free Bonus track:  
Desperate City, lyrics by James Kavanaugh,
from his book of poetry, "There Are Men Too Gentle To Live
Among Wolves",   Music by Kerry West.
All other songs by:
Kerry West©1978-2013 West-Urn Home Grown Music  BMI  
Song In The Wind  first released in 1995.  I spent a
lot of time "tuned up" to the wind, it's a rousing Spirit!

Different Drum                                The Great Lakes Song***
Love Ain't So Easy                           The Windmill Song
Just Who We Are                             Baby Won't You
Never Happy With More               Not Missin' You
Heart Truly Known                        Then We're Gone

***The Great Lakes Song, by Pat Dailey & Shel Silverstien,
Island House Music/Evil Eye Music  BMI
All other songs by:
Kerry West©1978-2013 West-Urn Home Grown Music  BMI  
When You've Found a Friend   released in 2001
All the lessons of the first two recording projects, along with
the help of my good friend Craig T. Day, 4 time Emmy
Award winning composer, arranger, producer, and
keyboardist extrordinaire!...all wrapped up in this project.

When You've Found a Friend            Success to Me
(original version)                        If Every Day Were -         
Livin' On Dreams                                                             Christmas
Songwriter's Lament***                     The World That We've -
Face In My Dreams                                                                 Known
This Old Town                                        Run Away Dreams
                                                          White Squall***

***Songwriter's Lament, Pat Dailey, Island House Music BMI
***White Squall, Stan Rodgers, Fogerty Cove Music PROC
All other songs by:
Kerry West©1978-2013 West-Urn Home Grown Music  BMI  
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