The pieces on this page are all made of deer antler, which I worked in extensively.  These are just a few
examples of the many many pieces I made over the years I lived in Aspen.  The golden
color of many of the pieces is achieved by burning the antler with a soldering torch.  Deer shed their
antler once a year, and I would find my antlers while hiking in the hills & mountains around the Roaring
Fork Valley.    
The center pendant of this Antler necklace was made from
the base, or but piece of the antler, right next to the skull.   
The pointed pieces with the heart inlays are from the very
tips of the antler.  The beads are made from the outer
layers of the antler, which is the hardest part of the antler.
Pg. 34
This Antler pendant was also made
from the base piece of the antler.  The
inlay is Abalone with an Australian Fire
Opal in the center.
The piece above is a Bollo Tie
made from a surface section of
The inlay is Abalone with a heart
made from Paduck wood.  The
string is braided rawhide, and
the ends are made from the tips
of the antlers.  
This piece is a belt buckle made
from the Antler base.  The
sunburst area of the inlay was
made from Paduck and Orange
woods.  The Peyote Bird was made
from Abalone, with an Australian
Fire Opal in it's center.  
This last pendant is also a base
piece of Antler with an Abalone