Pg. 35
I hope you've enjoyed my site, and I'd like to take this opportunity to share a meditation with
you.  I have found that it brings me a sense of peace, and I hope it will do the same for you
O Great Spirit, Mover of all things, seen & unseen in the Infinite Universe, Source &
Supply of all that is.  I turn to You now to offer my humble thanks for the blessings
You constantly bestow upon me in this life.  For my health, happiness, peace, &
sense of security, I thank You.  For the blessings of the sustenance which You
provide each & every day, I thank You.  For the care, concern, & love, of my friends,
family, & loved ones, I thank You.  And if I may be so bold as to beg Your
Forgiveness for the pain & discord which I have created in this life.  And to ask for
Your continued Guidance, that I may become a more perfect channel through which
Your Divine Plan may come to fruition in the Here & Now.  I ask these things for all
humankind,  in the Name of, Jesus the Christ, Buddha the Perfect One, Muhammad,
& all Your Forces at work in the Universe.